Great Deals on Lighting & Grip Demo Gear for Film and Video


You can pick up great, quality gear at prices…up to 50% off retail.  You may not get the latest model, but the savings are definitely worth it.  We currently have a number of great demo buys to check out, including: Manfrotto Spectra Bicolor 1×1 LED Light Panel Flood;  LiteGear LiteMat 2 Hybrid LED Kit S1; Steadicam Curve Go Pro Camera Stabilizer-Blue; or the Arri 575/1200 HMI Electronic Ballast DMX and much more.

Demo Manfrotto Spectra Bicolor 1x1

Don’t wait!  Our demo gear sells quickly.

Don’t see something you are looking for? Send us an email or give us a call.  We may have demo gear that hasn’t been added to our site.  If not, keep checking back as we update the demo gear fairly regularly.


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When it comes to online sales, BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters is getting great "customer accolades" !

Barn Door Staff

Our customers tell us that BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters aka, is the web store they can count on for great products, great service and great prices. That's music to our ears, and we appreciate their feedback!

When customers buy their gear and supplies from our web store:, we're most often told their experience is "great", "fast" and "easy" to use!  We agree, but we don't take their comments for granted.  We are continuously researching the latest technology and making improvements to our sales site to improve their shopping experience. There is always room for improvement, and we continually strive to do just that.

Customers also tell us they we are "the lighting experts", offer a "great product selection", and "great prices". We agree! BarnDoor Lighitng Outfitters is owned and operated by an experienced gaffer, and has been selling on the web since 1995. BarnDoor Lighting offers a wide selection of quality products at different price points from the industry's leading manufacturers. When it comes to our "great prices", we sell our manufacturer's products as competitively as possible, to pass along the best value to our customers.

The folks at BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters love new technology; however, any new technology added to our site must support our primary goal of providing our customers with "personalized" customer service.  If not, we won't add it.  For example, we don't currently offer live inventory.  The reason–we want to maintain our ability to be nimble and flexible–to ship merchandise from our own warehouse, or that of our manufacturers' if it means getting the product to our customer faster or at a lower shipping cost. Live inventory would inhibit our ability to do that and take the "personalized" decision making away from our customer service staff.  Also, if customers see zero or limited inventory for a particular item, they might decide not to order the item or not realize that we can ship the product overnight because our manufacturer has it in stock, or that the stock is arriving in our warehouse that afternoon. 

But don't take our word for it, here are some of the online comments our customers have left for us. 

"Great website, great service and great prices"

"Best equipment, price and quality options online"

"Tony says, "They'rrreee Grreaattt!"  (we love this one)

"Great site! Very easy to navigate and even better prices"

 To view our other Shopper Approved customer comments, click on the link below.  Shopper Approved is a live, independently operated customer review service.

Shopper Approved Capture

While BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters is definitely 5-Star, we aren't perfect and neither is current web technology or internet communications.  If there is ever a customer concern, we will do our very best to fix it.  We also take pride in responding to our customers concerns.  Not a BarnDoor Lighting customer?  We would love you to be!  Give us a try. We have a terrific customer rewards program, featured on our website.

BarnDoor…Get More!…FREE SHIPPING on Thousands of Items



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Welcome To BarnDoor Lighting’s YouTube Channel

BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters has launched a YouTube Channel, featuring informative product videos of popular lighting and grip products, as well as new product features.  Please view our introductory video postings, and subscribe to the channel to receive video uploads. 

Our introductory videos include those listed below.  For the website links provided below, scroll down on the web page to view the product video, or click on the YouTube Channel link to view all of our videos.

American Grip Duckbill

Modern Studio Light Socket Baby Pin Adapter

Battery Clip Battery Dispenser

SetWear Hot Hand Gloves

Advantage "Set In One" Wood Apple Box Set






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Keeping Your Lighting & Grip Gear In Top Condition Can Really Pay Off

If you're like most production professionals, you've made a significant investment buying quality lighting and grip equipment for location, studio, stage, TV, product marketing, communications, special events or for your rental business, etc.  While the gear we sell from all of the top manufacturers, including:  Arri, American, Kino Flo, Mole-Richardson, to name a few, is of the highest quality and considered "work horses" in the industry, even the best gear sometimes needs replacement parts.  Instead of putting the stand or light fixture on the side lines and not benefiting from your investment, you can purchase replacement parts to get your gear back into production, on the road, or on the truck. 

Barn Door Lighting stocks a wide variety of replacement parts for lighting fixtures and stands, including: Knobs, screws, accessory holders, latches, sockets, lenses, lamp holders and much more.  Not sure what you need, give us a call, and we'll help you find the parts you need to get your gear working like new. 

If you don't see a part you need on our website, just give us a call.

With Barn Door You Get More!

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The Easiest Gels To Use With LED Lights!

We've all encountered the problem when trying to use standard lighting gel / filters with LED lighting fixtures…how to adhere them? 

Paper tape…yea that will work, but it's time consuming.  Or you might think about using clothes pins? Nope that won't work as most LED light fixtures don't have Barn Doors. The typical gel frame? That's no good…LED lights don't have them either.  However, many LED lights do have an accessory holder that is very handy if you have one or more of the filters that are sold by the LED manufacturers, such as Lite Panels, but they are pricey and the choices are limited. 

Another excellent, reusable and affordable option is to purchase the semi-rigid gel filters that are made for use with LED's — Lee Zircon or Rosco Opti-Flecs






Both brands are terrific and much more cost effective. They both offer a variety of diffusion, minus green and CTO / amber for balancing LED color.  Custom colors can be ordered as well. These gels last 200X longer because they resist fading (which is common with standard gels), and are they very durable due to their thickness…more than double the thickness of standard gels.  Most importantly, they aren't flimsy and can be easily handled and stored, then reused making your job much easier.

Be ready for your next production…learn more about Lee Zircon and Rosco Opti-Flecs













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9.Solutions Python Clamps & Other Rigging Tools — Great Products & Very Affordable

We recently blogged about the clamps and tools needed for a small grip kit. Well there's a new line of clamps and rigging tools that you need to check out if you are trying to buy quality clamps and tools on a budget.  All of the items they sell are terrific.  Two of the 9.Solutions Python clamps they sell that are particularly well suited for a grip kit include…the Python Clamp with Baby Pin 5/8" 9.VP5081A and the Python Clamp with 3/8 Male Thread 9-VP5081E

Python Clamp with Baby Pin 5/8"


Sounds boastful but the Python Clamp with Baby Pin 5/8" is truly revolutionary!  To start with, this clamp is an amazing value at $29.99. Plus this clamp  really packs a punch because it is amazingly light weight, yet can hold an incredible load of 44 pounds.  It is also extremely heavy duty and durable.  It features a 5/8" diameter baby pin and jaws that open from 2-50 mm (.078 – 1.96 inches).  It is also highly versatile as it allows for a host of uses, including mounting of lights, grip heads and grip arms.  Best of all it is fantastic for rigging or clamping on pipe, square and round stock.  Super popular!

Python Clamp with 3/8 Male Thread


The Python Clamp with 3/8 Male Thread is another fantastic clamp from 9.Solutions and another super value at $29.99. It can mount on any device that requires a 3/8" thread–cameras, lights, props or even other clamps.  It also can hold an incredible 44 lbs and weights under 1 pound. Very popular item! 







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What are The Best Clamps and Tools for a Small Grip Kit?


There are lots of clamps and tools on the market to choose from. However, over the years we've learned first-hand which items are absolutely necessary.  Here's what we recommend:

2" Matthellini Clamp End Jaw…aka Cardellini Clamp


The 2" Matthellini Clamp End Jaw is a "universal" clamp that features a jaw that opens 2" wide, that allows you to lock onto square or round stock (pipes, lumber, and door frames).  We prefer the "end jaw" model as it allows the clamp to be mounted closer to a wall or ceiling. The Matthelini clamp also includes a 5/8" diameter baby pin for rigging lights or grip gear like a grip head, net or flag.

Baby Wall Plate aka 750 Pigeon

A Baby Wall Plate or Pigeon is a flat steel plate with 3" baby pin 5/8" diameter.  It can be screwed or taped to an apple box, floor or any flat surface for mounting fixtures, or lighting something from the ground.

Spring Clamps aka "A Clamps" — 1", 2" or 3"


Spring clamps are used to hold things in place just like having an extra set of hands on set…who doesn't need that?  The applications for spring clamps are endless. However, some of the most popular applications include: Clamping a show card to a stand, clipping a sound blanket to cover a window, clamping Duvetyne to cover tripod legs.  The 1" jaws open 1" and 2" jaws open 2", etc.

Duckbill Clamp aka Quacker Clamp aka Vice Grip (one of my favorite clamps)


The Duckbill is our all time favorite clamp. It is the perfect solution for holding large bounce cards like bead board and foam core.  The clamp has large flat jaws to provide a secure grip on flat stock. Plus It terminates in a 5/8" diameter baby pin for mounting in a grip head on a c stand. The Duckbill is a must have in your grip kit!

Scissor Clamp


Want to mount lights on suspended ceiling tracks in offices and retail environments? This is the clamp you need.  Just loosen the clamp by rotating the baby pin to open its jaws.  Squeeze the jaws around the ceiling track and tighten by rotating baby pin clockwise.  The Scissor Clamp is great for hanging back lights or specials.  It also works great with smaller, lightweight fixtures under 1,000 Watts. Caution:  Make sure to use a safety wire or trick line to secure the mounted lights to a pipe or beam above the suspended ceiling just to be safe…you never know.

Baby Sliding Pin aka Furniture Clamp Adapter


Many light fixtures operate best when mounted on a vertical stud.  Try mounting a Dedolight on a horizontal stud? You'll notice the light will not pan and tilt properly. The Baby Sliding Pin solves the problem. The Baby Sliding Pin can slide along a furniture clamp or along a c-stand arm for mounting fixtures vertically.

Black Wrap


Black Wrap is a great tool for blocking the spillage of light from fixtures with clothes pins, as well as helping control the light spread from fixtures by extending barn doors.  Black wrap can also be used to make a quick "gobo" or pattern by punching or cutting holes in a piece of black wrap to creates a nice "dapple light" look.  It is very effective.  Give it a try!

Trick Line


Handy tool for use as a safety cable on lighting fixtures, cable ties or as ties on butterfly or overhead rags such as silks, solids or nets.

Gaffers Tape


Gaffers Tape is an essential expendable in your grip kit.  You'll find endless uses for gaffers tape…mounting and securing cables to eliminate trip hazard, securing microphones, props, artwork, wardrobe and even lights. We recommend one of the quality tapes we sell as they are much easier to work with and remove afterwards.

Cube Tap aka Triple Tap


The 3-way cube tap Is an excellent way to add additional Edison outlets on set or location for faster lighting set up, especially if a limited amount of distro is available. Each tap will give you 3 extra Edison outlets.

Ground Lifters


Need to go from an Edison into a two-prong outlet? You need ground lifters.  Some older locations have two prong outlets. With ground lifters, you can easily convert available outlets to Edison.  Also helps to solve sound problems by eliminating "ac hum".

1K Dimmer aka "Hand Squeezer"     


Want to dim down fixtures under 1K Watts quickly and safely? A quality 1K dimmer is the answer. 1K dimmers will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Great solution to controlling practical lamps on set.  2K dimmers are also available.


These clamps and tools are available in different brands and price points on our website.  We have shown photos for a particular brand just as a point of reference. All of the products we sell are recommended.

Questions about any of the clamps or tools?  Give us a call.  We'd love to assist you!

Web Store:

Rental Store:

Retail Store:     232 Branford Road, North Branford CT

                       Open Mon-Fri; 9-5

Contact: ; 203-208-0615




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How to Buy Gaffers Tape…Does Price Impact Quality?


When Shopping for Gaffers Tape, Not All Gaffers Tape is Created Alike!

At first glance all standard 2" rolls of black gaffers tape may look alike, but not all gaffers tape is created alike.  If you take a closer look and try a few pieces, you will find that price definitely impacts quality.  

We sell a range of quality gaffers tape and all of the tapes we sell are popular. We don't sell the very inexpensive or should we say "cheap" gaffers tape because the savings isn't worth the headaches that comes with it. Quality gaffers tape costs more. Our customers prefer some brands over others, and there is a price range within the quality tape category to choose from. However, it is our experience, that you will use quite a bit less of the good stuff then the cheap stuff, which will equalize the higher expense.  Here's why?

-The cheap tape has a "sticky" residue that will adhere to your cables after you remove the tape…and this residue is very difficult, and time consuming to get off!

-The cheap tape that is wrapped onto cables is tough to get off after the job is over, making the wrap take a lot longer. When you are tired, it just isn't worth it!

-The cheap tape folds over itself, and you need to cut more tape to fix it…so you end of using a lot more of the cheap tape.

There is an expression "pay now or pay later".  The cheap stuff will definitely get the job done for you, but you will pay for the inconvenience of it on the job and while wrapping.  On the other hand, with the more expensive stuff, you'll pay more $$ up front, but it will save you time in the long run, and time is money! The key is to decide what level of quality you can live with! Food for thought!


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#filmandvideolighting #productionlighting #productionexpendables 



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Another Great Product From F&V Lighting…KS-1 Soft Box & Intensifier with Grid for 1×1 LED Panels Just $80.00!

An excellent and affordable, softbox that attaches to many manufacturers' 1×1 LED panel lights with adjustable velcro. Simply
unfold, mount and go!

It is so easy to use and a great deal. It includes 2 diffusers,velco grid for beam control and a carry bag. Plus the softbox is lined with silver to intensify the 1×1 output by 25%, when used without the front diffuser! Great buy!

image from

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Great New LED Fixtures Featured at NAB!

Two NEW LED fixtures featured at NAB…that are also an excellent value…are from Mole-Richardson. Prices are starting to come down on the high end LED's.  These are a great example!


Mole-Richardson's NEW Vari-Mole LED 200W Variable Color fixture is a great buy!


The Vari-Mole 200W LED provides a great level of functionality and utility not typical in 1×1 LED light panels. 

Some of the nice features:

-A 60 degree beam pattern with a Fresnel lens for a nice, smooth, clean light source.

-Functions as a powerful spot light when you need one for highlighting your background.

-Great soft key light when used with a Chimera soft box

-Will work nicely as a fill light when bounced off a white card.

-Very light weight…just 6 pounds so it is a great travel companion.

-Simple, quick, rugged and energy efficient (2 amps at 120 volt)…the LED version of their famous Teenie Mole.

Mole-Richardson MolePro 5" 100W LED Daylight Fresnel


The MolePro 5" 100W LED Daylight Fresnel is an amazing value in LED Lighting!!

Here's why:

-It delivers superior light output, with a quality Mole 95 CRI LED chip and a quiet Mole fan!

-Very affordable, especially considering it comes with 4 leaf barn doors and Tungsten filter!

-Features on-board dimming and DMX 512 inputs and outputs.

-Can be powered with AC from 100-240 volts or battery powered DC 24 volts.

-Light weight fixture is constructed of quality aluminum and plastic and weighs in at just 6 pounds!



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