Get a Kino Flo Diva Kit for $1179.88 plus FREE SHIPPING

Get a Kino Flo Diva Kit for $1179.88 plus FREE SHIPPING.

Use coupon code 1KD2011 at checkout.

What's nice about the Kino Flo Diva Lite is you just pull it out of the case, pop it on a stand and plug it in the wall.

ballast (power supply) is built into the light along with a rotary dial
dimmer. No header cable or detached ballast to deal with. Just adjust
the dimmer up or down for just the right amount of beautiful soft

The Diva-Lite 401 utilizes (4) 55W U-Tube fluorescent bulbs.

Features on board ballast and dimmer. No cables to
connect. Just put it on a stand and plug it in!

Produces a beautiful soft light with punch.

Change from Tungsten (2900K) to Daylight (5600K) by swapping out bulbs.

Kino Flo Diva Lite 401 is a best seller. Simple to use and easy to set
up. Great for interviews as a key or fill light. Excellent for
lighting chroma key green screens producing a broad, even light. With a
built in dimmer it makes getting the right lighting level a snap.
Included is a nice compact case that also holds 6 spare lamps in a
protective lamp case. Need to really soften an already soft fluorescent
, just stretch the Flozier over the front of the Diva.  Check out the Photometrics. The Diva-Lite 401 produces more footcandles than the 4 ft. 4 Bank fixture.

The Diva-Lite
401 and 201 have become the industry's most popular professional cool
lighting fixtures for video location work. The Diva-Lite 401 portable
softlights boast the company's trademark modular fixture designs with
full-range dimming, switching and remote control features. The Universal
model can be used anywhere in the world from 90VAC to 265VAC. Diva-
Lite 201 fixtures likewise are portable, versatile units designed| for
the rigors of run and gun lighting for news or commercial video
. All Diva-Lites can go from nighttime to daytime interiors by
switching True Match tungsten for daylight quality lamps. It's like
having two set-ups in one!




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