Easy Makeup for Film, Video, Photo & Stage….Shine Control Makeup Kit

The Shine Control High Def Makeup Kit for Film, Video, Photo, Digital, Theater, Stage

On a tight budget? Production didn't hire a makeup artist? No
Problem…you've got the Shine Control Makeup Kit and you're ready to
go. Don't let your hard work be ruined by shine.


  • The Shine Control Kit is a truly goof proof shine control application for all complexions and skin tones.
  • Kett Sett Powder in convenient compact is a mica free,
    translucent matt powder specifically designed for High Definition Video
    and Digital Image Capture. Also excellent for theater and stage make up.
  • Its micronized formula provides maximum coverage with minimal texture.
  • When used with these specially designed latex free sponge
    applicators the coverage is invisible even under the close scrutiny of
    today’s High Definition and Digital image capture techniques.
  • It can be applied over existing make-up affecting only shine, not color or tone.
  • No matter which skin tone you’ll be shooting this kit is all that you'll need for controlling shine.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Kett Sett Makeup Powder Compact
  • (16) Latex-Free Applicator Sponges
  • (1) Convenient Carry Case
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