Get a Full Set of Matthews Apples Boxes for Just $124.88

Manufactured of the highest quality 9 ply "Baltic Birch" plywood, Apple
are some of the handiest tools to have on the set or in the
studio. They are precisely made, supported in the center, and
dimensionally correct.

Use them for propping or leveling, sitting
or standing. Nail Wall Plates to them to hold low angle lighting
fixtures and multiple other purposes. A Full Apple Box is equivalent to
two 1/2 Apples, four 1/4 Apples and eight 1/8 Apples (pancake).

OUR PRICE: $124.88

Set Includes:

  • (1) Full Apple Box
  • (1) Half Apple Box
  • (1) Quarter Apple Box
  • (1) Eighth Apple Box (also known as a pancacke)
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