Arri 650 Gel Pack $15.99 Free Shipping from BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters


Arri 650 Fresnel Lighting Filter Gel Pack 10"x12"

Just the right compliment of gels for your Arri 650 Fresnel or Arri 300 Fresnel for most lighting situations.

Rosco E-Color Color Correction Gel Filter  Pack with 6 Sheets.

Colored gels for lights used in film, video, photo, stage, theater, party, and dj lighting.

is Rosco's comprehensive system of European color filters for
film and video production. E-Colour includes different filters and
materials for color correction, color effects, diffusion and reflection.
They're manufactured with the latest dye formulations and bonding
technology to assure the highest levels of reliability and
performance.The most widely specified theatrical filter in the world.
Rosco gels,
also known as lighting filters, are thin sheets of plastic
(polycarbonate or polyester) designed to be placed in front of a light
source to produce a wide range of colors for setting mood or creating

Here's what you get:

1 Full CTB Blue 201  Converts 3200K Tungsten to 5700K Daylight
1 Half CTB Blue 202 Converts 3200K Tungsten to 4300K Daylight
1 Full White Diffusion 216
1 Opal Frost Diffusion 410
1 Half CTO 205 Converts 5600K Daylight to 3800K Tungsten
1 Qtr CTO 206  Converts 5600K Daylight to 4500K Tungsten

Sheet Size: 10"x12"  These sheets may be cut with scissors for smaller sizes

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