Easy and Quiet Lavalier Mic Mounting with Rycote UnderCovers 13.95 Free Shipping


Rycote UnderCovers Lavalier Mic Wind Covers Stick to Skin / Clothing: 30 Adhesive Pads, 30 Fabric Covers, Black / White / Grey

Undercovers have been specifically designed for use with Lavalier mics under
clothing. The included Stickies pads hold the microphone in place. A soft fabric “Undercovers”
disc is then added on top to effectively secure the microphone and most notably, separate the
microphone from the talent’s clothing. This fabric disc is key to this products ability to minimize
the sounds of clothing rustle and light wind noise. Suitable for lavalier diameters up to 4.5mm
with lengths up to 15mm.

30 Stickies, 30 fabric covers – ten of each Black, Gray & White

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