New Arri M90 9000W HMI Daylight Single Ended Light System for High Speed

Arri M90 HMI Daylight Light System HIGH SPEED

is ramping up on the M90, the latest addition to ARRI's popular
M-Series of advanced HMI lighting units. The M90 introduces a new power
class for daylight fixtures at 9,000 W, which is exactly half the
wattage of the ARRIMAX 18/12 and just over double that of the M40/25.
With the M18 at the lower end, the M-Series now offers a versatile range
of eight evenly-staggered wattage options from 1,200 W to 18,000 W.

all M-Series lampheads, the Arri M90 is equipped with MAX Technology, a
unique, patented reflector design that unifies the advantages of a
Fresnel and a PAR fixture. The unit is open-faced and very bright; it is
also focusable from 16° up to 49°, producing a remarkably even light
field and a crisp, clear shadow. ARRI technology partner Osram developed
a new 9,000 W lamp for the M90, which is stable at 1,000 Hz and almost
as small as the 6,000 W lamp that can alternatively be used. This
allowed ARRI to design the M90 in a very compact housing, barely larger
than the ARRISUN 60.

Accompanying the M90 is a new ballast, the
EB 6/9 kW, available in standard and high speed versions. Like other
recent ballasts from ARRI, it features CCL (Compensation for Cable Loss)
technology and the power-saving ALF (Active Line Filter). The EB 6/9 kW
is DMX compatible and no bigger than ARRI's existing EB 6000 Baby

High speed ballasts are starting to become
more important with the high speed HD
cameras. Up until the M90, 4K was the
largest wattage high frequency ballast out
there, so it’s such a benefit to have this
availability now. This is the biggest, brightest
unit you’ll find with a high speed ballast.

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