Need a Compact, Lightweight LED Light Kit? Check Out Rosco Digital Shooters LitePad Kit.


Rosco LitePad LED Digital Shooters Kit AX

(6) Lights in a Lighting Kit this size is just incredible!

(6) Light Kit provides (3) large 12"x12" LitePad Axioms for soft,
daylight balanced LED lighting along with (3) small, compact LitePad LED
fixtures, perfect for hiding in tight spaces and creating a beautiful

The included hard case is well designed with lift-out foam trays for easy access while protecting your gear.

The LitePad Digital Shooters Kit AX was
designed for the high end video user. This
customer is likely to own a high end camera and
his or her own lighting equipment. The Digital
Shooters Kit AX allows them to bring a compact,
lightweight, and power efficient lighting package
to their shoots.

Among other things, the Digital Shooters Kit AX
includes three 12"x12" LitePad Axiom, three
LitePad Light Stands, and three LitePad Swivel
Arms. This allows the user to set-up a complete
three point lighting scenario; perfect for
interviews, close ups, and small film scenes. Instead of
hauling heavy, cumbersome light kits around (which
only include three to four lights and require a
great deal of power), they can now bring the
lightweight and easy to carry LitePad Digital
Shooters Kit AX to a set.

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