Looking for a Tripod Head for Photo & Video? Manfrotto# 055 is the Answer



Shoot Photos and Videos with your HD DSLR? This is the perfect tripod head that provides the advantages of both a photo head and a video head. Pair it with one of Manfrottos's Carbon Fiber Tripods for the perfect solution. Works great with models 755CX3 and 055 tripod legs.

The innovative photo-movie head is developed to simply be the best and most ideal solution for the new HD DSLRs with embedded video functions. With a single product it is possible to take advantage of an extraordinary Photo Head and a Fully Featured video head. The unique Photo-Movie selector makes switching from shooting photos to videos quick and immediate, experiencing the best of both worlds. In Photo mode the head provides the speed and maximum freedom in all directions, like a ball head combined with an incredibly precise, smooth and controlled movement never experienced before, thanks to the fluid cartridges and an adjustable counter balance control. In Video mode a fully featured video head allows for a precise and fluid movement for pan and tilt with all of the typical video settings, including friction control. The pan bar is reversible for right or left hand users and it can quickly be removed and fixed on a tripod leg, thanks to the included rest clip.

Manfrotto 055 Photo Video Head

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