Know When the Power is ON…Pro Glo Extension Cord Cable 12/3 50ft Black


Pro Glo Stinger BLACK Extension Cord 12/3 50ft

Know immediately if power is on.  Perfect for emergency power or working back stage in a dark enviroment.  Extension cord ends light up when power is present.

Our special Pro Glo® SJTW (300V) jackets offer high visibility for safety underfoot and extra flexibility in cold weather. "CGM" Continuous Current and Ground Monitoring. Each male plug has a built in amber neon light which indicates that there is power in the cords and outlet. In addition, these extension cords provide Continuous Current and Ground Monitoring (CGM), an OSHA safety requirement. A green neon light in the female connectors lets you know at-a-glance that there is ground continuity.

Wire Gauge: 12/3

Amps: 15

Pro Glo Stinger BLACK Extension Cord 12/3 50ft


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