Hand Held Camera Stabilizer Everyone is Talking About


Comodo Orbit .. The Essential Hand-held Stabilizer for Every Filmmaker’s Toolkit.

The most affordable, easy to use gimbal-based camera support product currently available to filmmakers and photographers.

Take your production value higher with Orbit, the first mechanically driven, twin grip gimbal stabilization device of its kind, now available to filmmakers and photographers working on set around the world. Easy to balance and operate because it requires no additional weights, motors, or batteries. Orbit is the perfect tool to bring into any production environment because it creates a simplified, streamlined, and straightforward way for filmmakers and photographers of all levels to capture fluid and steady footage without dedicating large amounts of set-up time to its usage. Comodo is dedicated to creating professional camera stabilization products for filmmakers and photographers at all levels. Specializing in innovative, hand-held filmmaking products, Comodo is committed to producing distinctive tools for creative professionals.

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