Build a Menace Arm and Get The Light Exactly Where You Want.


The American Grip Menace Arm Kit provides all the right components to build a menace arm with 1 1/4" speed rail pipe.  Safely arm or boom a light in, keeping the stand out of your shot.  Works great for backlights when there isn't available structure to rig a light.  The American Grip Menace Arm provides multiple points to mount additional grip gear like silks and flags for the ultimate control of your light source.  A combo stand with a lollipop (4.5" grip head) or a hiboy / hi roller stand is required, as well as sandbags and a strong ratchet strap.  8ft – 14ft speed rail works best depending on the distance desired. #Americangrip #Menace Arm #pipeboomkit #grip

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