New Low Pricing on Aadyntech LED Lighting for Film and Photo


Just in time for end of year purchases.  Save on Aadyntech LED lights including the Punch and Jab.  Available in Daylight or BiColor, the Aadyntech LEDs provide superior color rendering and ultra high output.  The Aadyntech LEDs will change lighting forever as it replaces hmi lighting with led lighting for film, video and photo. Forget about hot restrikes, flicker, high amperage requirements, bad header cables, hot lenses and extreme heat.

Convection cooled, and  IP61 Rated, Aadyntech LEDs provide optical efficiency, creating a single light source and eliminating multiple shadows. Special effects include variable lightning and strobe, which has made lightning strikes inefficient. Quick change lens which vary between spot and flood (and still keep an even field with high output!)

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