How to Install Add a Tap or Add a Plug Male Electrical Connectors to Zip Cord

Need to run lightweight extension cords on a film, video or photo set?  Zip cord or lamp cord is 18/2 wire used for low wattage applications like a practical lamp or chinese lantern.  You can quickly make these cords with "add a tap" and "add a plug" quick on electrical connectors.  

Add-a-plug-quick-connector-male-e101-5 Add-a-plug-quick-connector-male-4


How to Assemble Add a Plug

  • Squeeze brass blades and pull out from shell
  • Spread brass blades
  • Insert wire thru shell an then into blade assembly until wire is seated. (white area)
  • Squeeze brass blades together. Brass prongs will pierce insulation and "tap" in to copper wire.
  • Push blade assembly and wire into shell.




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