Great New LED Fixtures Featured at NAB!

Two NEW LED fixtures featured at NAB…that are also an excellent value…are from Mole-Richardson. Prices are starting to come down on the high end LED's.  These are a great example!


Mole-Richardson's NEW Vari-Mole LED 200W Variable Color fixture is a great buy!


The Vari-Mole 200W LED provides a great level of functionality and utility not typical in 1×1 LED light panels. 

Some of the nice features:

-A 60 degree beam pattern with a Fresnel lens for a nice, smooth, clean light source.

-Functions as a powerful spot light when you need one for highlighting your background.

-Great soft key light when used with a Chimera soft box

-Will work nicely as a fill light when bounced off a white card.

-Very light weight…just 6 pounds so it is a great travel companion.

-Simple, quick, rugged and energy efficient (2 amps at 120 volt)…the LED version of their famous Teenie Mole.

Mole-Richardson MolePro 5" 100W LED Daylight Fresnel


The MolePro 5" 100W LED Daylight Fresnel is an amazing value in LED Lighting!!

Here's why:

-It delivers superior light output, with a quality Mole 95 CRI LED chip and a quiet Mole fan!

-Very affordable, especially considering it comes with 4 leaf barn doors and Tungsten filter!

-Features on-board dimming and DMX 512 inputs and outputs.

-Can be powered with AC from 100-240 volts or battery powered DC 24 volts.

-Light weight fixture is constructed of quality aluminum and plastic and weighs in at just 6 pounds!



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