9.Solutions Python Clamps & Other Rigging Tools — Great Products & Very Affordable

We recently blogged about the clamps and tools needed for a small grip kit. Well there's a new line of clamps and rigging tools that you need to check out if you are trying to buy quality clamps and tools on a budget.  All of the items they sell are terrific.  Two of the 9.Solutions Python clamps they sell that are particularly well suited for a grip kit include…the Python Clamp with Baby Pin 5/8" 9.VP5081A and the Python Clamp with 3/8 Male Thread 9-VP5081E

Python Clamp with Baby Pin 5/8"


Sounds boastful but the Python Clamp with Baby Pin 5/8" is truly revolutionary!  To start with, this clamp is an amazing value at $29.99. Plus this clamp  really packs a punch because it is amazingly light weight, yet can hold an incredible load of 44 pounds.  It is also extremely heavy duty and durable.  It features a 5/8" diameter baby pin and jaws that open from 2-50 mm (.078 – 1.96 inches).  It is also highly versatile as it allows for a host of uses, including mounting of lights, grip heads and grip arms.  Best of all it is fantastic for rigging or clamping on pipe, square and round stock.  Super popular!

Python Clamp with 3/8 Male Thread


The Python Clamp with 3/8 Male Thread is another fantastic clamp from 9.Solutions and another super value at $29.99. It can mount on any device that requires a 3/8" thread–cameras, lights, props or even other clamps.  It also can hold an incredible 44 lbs and weights under 1 pound. Very popular item! 







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