Keeping Your Lighting & Grip Gear In Top Condition Can Really Pay Off

If you're like most production professionals, you've made a significant investment buying quality lighting and grip equipment for location, studio, stage, TV, product marketing, communications, special events or for your rental business, etc.  While the gear we sell from all of the top manufacturers, including:  Arri, American, Kino Flo, Mole-Richardson, to name a few, is of the highest quality and considered "work horses" in the industry, even the best gear sometimes needs replacement parts.  Instead of putting the stand or light fixture on the side lines and not benefiting from your investment, you can purchase replacement parts to get your gear back into production, on the road, or on the truck. 

Barn Door Lighting stocks a wide variety of replacement parts for lighting fixtures and stands, including: Knobs, screws, accessory holders, latches, sockets, lenses, lamp holders and much more.  Not sure what you need, give us a call, and we'll help you find the parts you need to get your gear working like new. 

If you don't see a part you need on our website, just give us a call.

With Barn Door You Get More!

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