The Shine Control High Def Makeup Kit for Film, Video, Photo, Theater & Stage

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Makeup Kit

"As a DP, I am often hired to shoot interviews.  In many situations, the budget doesn't allow for a make up artist.  I have great respect for make up artists, and I could never replace their contritubution to the production craft.  However, for these situations, I've assembled a Shine Control Makeup Kit that helps address the problem of shine control.

The kit consistes of 16 specially designed sponge applicators, and 1 compact of Kett Set Powder. Kett Cosmetics is an industry leader in makeup designed for high definition video and digital image capture.

The Kett Sett Powder is translucent matt powder.  The sponges are latex free, and the powder is mica free.  The bags are made of recycled materials and are recyclable and biodegradable.

The kit has been very successful for me.  On a recent shoot, I shot 13 (1/2 hour) interviews, one after another, people of different ethnicities, men and women with multiple skin tones, complexions and of different ages. On every person, the kit affected the shine on their skin, but not their skin color, tone or texture. I highly recommend this kit to any cinematographer, videographer or still photographer who sometimes just needs something to take down the shine on their subject's complexion. 

At $34.88, the kit is less expensive than the collection of makeup compacts or assorted colors and  multiple applicators we normally carry, and is much easier to keep organized. This kit definitely belongs in every production kit along side the sash cord, clothespins and gaffer tape–as one of the essential expendables that keep productions moving.

The Shine Control Makeup Kit it is is only available through Barn Door Lighting Outfitters.  I hope you try the product.

                                                                   Brian McAward                                                                                                                            Director of Photography                                                              Product Developer


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