Get It Now…. New Lowel GL-10 HandHeld Battery Powered LED Light for Film, Video, Photo


Lowel GL-10 HandHeld Battery Powered LED Light

A compact battery powered LED light that's
ideal for the wedding, event, location portrait and architectural
photographer. It's based on an original concept by noted Wedding
Photographers Brian Marcus & John Solano.

What's Unique About It?

Power, Portabiity & Performance. It has a very bright output, with
spot to flood focusing. It's dimmable, with a highly accurate tungsten
color output that doesnt shift during dimming. Its self-contained
quick-swap rechargable battery frees you up to move
quickly, keeping up with the pace of the event.

How Is It Used?

Your high ISO D- SLR allows you to shoot in lower light situations.
The GL-1 lets you add just the right amount of key, fill, or accent
light on your subject, helping them stand out in the shot. Its powerful
output and focusing ability mean you can easily add light exactly
where you need it from a greater distance,so it's perfect for wider


  • A completely portable focusing led light, with powerful tungsten color output.
  • Let’s you light quickly and effectively on the go. Its 5:1
    focus range lets you zero in, to highlight your subject with a tight
    spot or pull out to wide flood and add fill-light to a larger area.


  • High powered focusing LED light source
  • Dimming Range 5-100%
  • Focusing Range 5:1
  • 90 CRI for high quality color output
  • 3000K color output
  • 1/4” and 3/8” stand mounting options
  • 82MM threaded front element allows you to add a Tiffen 80B to covert to Daylight balance output.
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • AC Power Supply
  • Dim via trigger with feel or by dial for a fixed exposure
  • Battery life of approximately 1 hour on a full charge.
  • Power consumption 25W

ITEM #: GL-10

Kit Includes:

  • Lowel GL-1 Power LED unit
  • Lowel GL-1 Battery
  • Lowel GL-1 Battery Charger
  • Lowel GL-1 AC adapter
  • Lowel GL-1 Hard Case Foam Insert (Fits into Lowel GL-1 Hard Case G1-60 sold separately)

Holds 1 GL-1 unit, 2 GL-1 Batteries, 1 GL-1 Battery charger, and 1 GL-1 AC Adapter

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