New Lowel Slimlight Rifa Blender LED 2 Lighting Kit Super Price 1377.88 Free Shipping


Lowel SlimLight Rifa LED Blender 2 Lighting Kit

Lowel Blender LED light is a really versatile tool that works quickly
in most enviroments. Different locations have different light sources
with varying color temperatures. From tungsten to daylight, as well as
various fluorescent and discharge light sources, the Lowel Blender can
dial in a matching color temp.

The combination of a Rifa eX
dedicated softlight and 2 Lowel Blenders brings versatility to run &
gun interview lighting. Use the softness of the Rifa 44 as your key
light or fill, with the 2 versatile color changing Blender LEDs to
provide hard contrasting key or fill in daylight, tungsten or a color
blend of the 2. The second Blender can be used as a back light, or to
provide a colorful accent.

Code: SLK-9412LB

Size: 23 x 9 x 6 (58 x 23 x 15 cm)

Weight: 19 lbs (8.6 kg)

Kit Contains…

  • 1 Rifa eX 44 complete (LC-44EX)
  • 1 200W FVL lamp (FVL)
  • 2 Lowel Blenders complete (BLN-10)
  • 3 Uni TO Stands (UN-55)
  • 1 Rifa 44 Daylight Gel Set (LC-47)
  • 1 ViP Lampak (ViP-61)
  • 1 Slim Litebag (LB-24)

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