Pro Foto Location Studio in a Bag…3 D1 MonoLights in a Kit


Profoto D1 Studio Light Kit 3 Monolight Heads 500 / 500 / 1000 Ws

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wedding- and portrait photographers can't depend on the studio alone.
Picture a lively party, a bride in a candlelit church or a businessman
seated behind his desk. These things need to be shot on location – with
professional lighting. Choose from a wide variety of D1 and accessories.

the D1 Studio kits where only available in 2 heads version, now it's
also available in 3 heads version. The 3 heads version also has two
common sized softboxes instead of umbrellas for the 2 head version. All
equipment comes in a high quality trolley bag.

Ever since the
launch of D1 Monolights, Profoto has put together different kits to meet
the demands from the customers. Now, the D1 Studio Kit 3 Heads with
softboxes is the next requirement that we have listened to.

  • Consistency
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Built-in reflector
  • 7 f-stop power range
  • Short recycling times
  • Short flash duration
  • Accepting the complete Profoto light shaping tools system
  • Connect to your PC or Mac with Profoto Studio Air software

Kit Contains:

  • 3 D1 Monolights (2) 500, (1) 1000
  • Air remote
  • 1 3×2 Softbox RFI
  • 1 2×3 Softbox RFI
  • 2 Speedring Adapter for RFi
  • D1 grid 10 degree
  • 3 D1 kit stands
  • 3 Power cables
  • DVD user guide
  • D1 trolley bag
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