Cable Ramps New & Improved LEX PowerRamp Works With Other Brands


If you are looking for an affordable, rugged cable ramp, then the PowerRamp by Lex Products is the answer.  It works perfectly with other cable ramp brands, but most importantly, it is easy to connect and break apart.  No more wrestling with cable ramps at the end of the day.  The PowerRamp's new design makes it a snap to break down.


Cable Ramp Crossover Cable Protection System components feature an
exclusive design that allows for compatibility and trouble-free mating
with cable protectors of other manufacturers using similar connectors.
Crossovers can be easily interconnected to protect cables of any length
or mated with 45 degree left and right turn units and end boots for design
flexibility. Convenient handle cut-outs are molded into the back side for
easy portability.

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