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Black Magic Camera Cage Mount Advanced BMC F&V Lighting

The F&V Lighting BMC Cage for BlackMagic Cinema Camera strikes an ideal balance between strength and weight while increasing the versatility of your 2K or 4K Black Magic Cinema Camera. The BMC Cage has many threaded 1/4-20" & 3/8"-16 mounting points making it is easy to customize the BMC Cage with a variety of accessories such as EVF's, monitors, recorders, and battery plates.

The BMC Cage comes with a standard 15mm LWS Rail Block allowing you to mount accessories such an F&V Follow Focus, matte box, lens support, and even F&V's R-300 Ring Light!

The Advanced BMC Cage comes with two additional components as compared to the Basic Version. The Advanced version comes with a top-mounted 15mm Rail Block as well as a Top Handle. An additional 15mm rail block mounted on the top of the cage allows you to add additional 15mm accessories such as an F&V Battery System. Having the Battery System mounted on the top allows for the Black Magic Camera's rear screen to remain visible during use. Lastly, the Top Handle allows for improved handling of the F&V BMC Cage. You can utilize the Top Handle for low-angle shots or simply as an easier way to carry the camera.

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