Film Crew Gifts Nebo Larry 2 LED Flashlight with Laser

Larry2-led-flashlight-w-laser-nebo-tools-2The newest addition to the Larry family is the Larry2. Larry2 has a few more LEDs under his belt, which boosts his lumen output to 160! The Larry2 also features a red laser pointer that emits from the top of the light. Being the essential handyman light, the Larry™2 still has some of the features that made the Larryso great: the 180º rotating magnetic clip, reinforced plastic body design and ergonomic grip. The Larry2 is perfect for endless applications and is still convenient enough to slip into your pocket. More features…more lumens…same Larry™ style!


12 high-power LEDs output 160 lumens. (Bulbs rated for 110,000+ hours of life)
Red laser pointer travels 450 yards.
180º rotating magnetic clip
Protective recessed LED housing
Water-resistant reinforced plastic body design
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