We Love the Zylight F8 LED Fresnel


The Zylight F8 LED Fresnel brings the efficiency of led to a true fresnel lens light fixture.  Unlike other leds, the F8 has almost color perfect rendering with a 97+ CRI. Available in either tungsten 3200k or daylight 5600k versions.  

The single source beam creates just one shadow, as a fresnel lens should.  Our favorite feature after reviewing the F8 is the slim, compact design, which is a nice bonus.  The fresnel lens is mounted to a flexible bellows, that expands and contracts, as the fixture is focused from flood to spot.  A brilliant design that makes the F8 a great travel companion. 

And like all Zylight LEDs, the F8 has built in wireless that can be controlled by the optional Zylink wireless remote control.  Zylight-f8-led-fresnel-light-closed

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