Serious LED TV Studio Lighting Mole Richardson 250w Soft Light


The Mole Richardson 250W LED Soft Light is designed to match the output and spread as the original 1K Baby Soft Light.  Available in Tungsten or Daylight.  Need to replace existing lighting in a TV studio with energy efficient LED lighting?  Mole Richardson's line of LEDs is the answer. 

The Mole LED Softlite 250w Tungsten provides soft, diffused virtually "shadowless wrap around" light with a smooth field. This fixture can be used for television or motion picture as fill light. Use for soft fill-in stills, commercial and Television studios. Designed so that all the light comes indirect and unobstructed from diffused surfaces through a relatively large aperture. The quality of light is equal to or better than the Type 2581 1000w softlite it descended from.


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