Why are Video Camera Tripods So Expensive?

Why are Video Camera Tripods So Expensive?  The answer, they don't have to be.  You finally have the money to make your first pro camera purchase, maybe a Canon 5D or C300.  Then you have to pick a lens, which is  a small fortune, never mind accessories like video monitors or a matte box.  But you really need to get a decent tripod for really smooth camera moves.  Many pros go right for the high end Sachtler or Cartoni tripods, but they range from $5,000 – $10,000.  Not many people have the extra cash after buying the camera package.  Many of our customers go for the Manfrotto line of tripods.  But want even a better deal.  Check out the Benro line of professional video camera tripods.  They offer more bang for the buck!  You can get a 100mm ball head heavy duty tripod, that will support up to 22 lbs (great for long lens or teleprompter), for just $799.  Already have an expensive tripod, but need a second one?  The Benro BV-10 will amaze you.  

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