Newly Designed Matthews Grip Equipment RoadFlags II Kit 4×4 Nets/Flags


Matthews Studio Equipment has re-designed their RoadFlags 4×4 Flag / Scrim Kit with a easier to use frame and smaller travel case.  The new 4×4 frame breaks down into 4 components, taking up less space in the kit.  In addition, it is a snap to assemble.  Reducing the size of the frame allowed for the reduction of the travel case, saving space in vehicles.   Normally a rigid 4×4 Floppy or 4×4 Frame would not fit in most station wagons, mini-vans or SUVs.  Now the RoadFlags II Kit makes it easy to get the advantage of using large flags to block light or large frames to diffuse light.   Need a 4×4 reflector or bounce card, just stretch on  the fabric of your desire and you are ready to go!  Fabrics are available for almost any need including: green screen, white bounce, negative fill, silver lame reflector, half soft frost and more.  Need more info?  Visit BarnDoor Lighting … the Lighting Experts.

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