The Chauvet Freedom LED Par Quad-4 IP…The Perfect Light to Dress Up Any Event!


Need a simple, affordable, battery-operated, wireless RGBA color LED par event light

Want to add a splash of color to an upcoming meeting, wedding, dance or trade show, for a more memorable event?

The Chauvet Freedom LED Par Quad-4 IP is it!  At $379.99, it is a great value and will get the job done!

The digital display on the rear of the unit makes it easy to find the exact color. No wires or power to control or worry about.  It comes with a lithium ion battery that will run for up to 8 hours!  Plus its rugged construction means you can use it outside temporarily in all conditions.  

Want to control the light remotely?  You can with DMX lighting consoles.

Buy yours today and make your next event memorable! 

Questions? Give us a call and one of our sales consultants will be happy to assist you. 


Toll Free:  1-888-276-3667





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