Creative Lighting Tips on a Budget: Chinese Lanterns and LiteGear’s LiteStix

Are you are an experienced gaffer, lighting professional, set designer, or DP interested in lighting a tight area or looking to create a little extra accent lighting? 

Are you new to product or event lighting and looking for simple, inexpensive, quality lighting tools without having to make a big investment in gear? 

Here are a couple of excellent options to consider:


Chinese Lanterns / China Balls:  

Chinese lanterns / china balls provide an excellent soft, even light that can be used to top light a large open area from above as a natural light (daylight) source or matched to standard room temperature lighting (tungsten). Chinese lanterns / china balls are also excellent to light round table interviews.  

They are available in a variety of sizes, including:  12", 16", 20" or 24" in paper, nylon or artificial silk.  The lanterns are sold separately from the lamp socket, power cord or lamp; however, all of the necessary parts are sold on our website.  We also sell colored lamps in red, blue, green and yellow, if you're interested in creating a special effect as well.  All of the Chinese lanterns / china balls we sell are under $10.00, plus accessories.

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LiteGear LiteStix


Interested in creating subtle lighting accents on a mantle, along a bar, in a show room, trade show, car scene, or any hard to reach area, the LiteGear LiteStix is a fast, quality, low-cost solution!

LiteGear's LiteStix VHO Pro LED is available in tungsten, daylight or hybrid models. The LiteGear LiteStix is a complete LED fixture in the shape of a light stick.  It has a light-weight aluminum back, and a half frosted poly lens that hides the LED emitters that are housed inside.  The LED's housed inside are the LiteGear VHO Pro LED Lite Ribbon 120 X 1 completely wired and ready to use.  The LiteGear LiteRibbon is sold separately for other creative applications.

The LiteGear Lite Stix is color correct, full spectrum, high CRI.  All you need to use the LiteGear LiteStix is a 12V power supply or dimmable power supply (sold separately).Dimmer and extension cable are also available.  

When you are ready to upgrade to one or more LiteGear LiteMat LED fixtures, all of the accessories purchased for the LiteStix are interchangeable with the LiteMat, allowing you to maximize the investment you make in the LIteGear LIteStix and accessories.


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