LED Tubes are a fairly new to the film and video lighting market. They are extremely popular because they are lightweight, highly versatile and priced right…in other words, you get “a lot of bang for your buck.”

Several manufacturers make them. However, the most popular LED tubes we sell are produced by Quasar Science. All of the Quasar products are popular. They include: Quasar T8 Q-LED tubes (tungsten or daylight), Quasar Q-LED T12 Cross Fade (tungsten/daylight bicolor lamps), Quasar Rainbow RGBX lamps with full-color creativity and control from 2000K-6000K, plus the Quasar Q-LED Bicolor Battery Operated LiOn tubes.

Coming soon is the Quasar XMD Digital Super Cross Fade Tube, a wireless fully-integrated wireless version of the original Q-LED Cross Fade. We are currently taking preorders for this product. No shipping date has been determined; however, they are forecasted to begin shipping sometime winter, 2019.

quasar-science-qled-r-rainbow-led-lamp-with-rgbx-4ft-2The Quasar Q-LED T8 lamps are an amazing value for the price. The product is dimmable and available in either daylight or tungsten, in either a 30W 4’ tube for $75 or 15W 2’ tube for $45! The lamps are ballasted, flicker free and outperform halogen, plasma or HMI sources.

The Quasar Q-LED X T12 Cross Fade lamps are a bicolor adjustable LED lamp available in 1’, 2’, 4’ or 6’ models. Product is also dimmable, flicker free and self-ballasted, and is a variable color replacement for the T12 2’ or 4’ fluorescent lamps. You’ll save a lot of money on replacement lamps as each lamp has an average run time of 25,000 hours. Lamps operate as a single tube or can be ganged together to create a large light source by purchasing the optional Modern Studio Fluorescent Lamp Holder, Quasar Plate Quad 2 or 4 Tube Holder, or one of the Kino Flo Q-LED housing systems.

The Quasar Rainbow RGBX lamps give you unlimited options in terms of color, temperature and control as they can be controlled wirelessly. Product also includes a number of built-in lighting effect options, making the Rainbow an extremely creative and versatile product.

Don’t have access to power? The Quasar Q-LED Bicolor Battery Operated LiON tubes, in 7”, 12” or 24” lengths, are a great choice. Just press the button to switch from 3000K to 5600K soft light. With magnetic feet, product can be mounted on location, in studio or on an equipment cart. Fully rechargeable battery runs 4 hours with a full charge.
Learn more about these amazing products, and the host of accessories available for these products. Got questions, we have answers. Give us a call at 1-888-276.3667.

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