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Get Free Shipping on Avenger C-Stands…Save $25 to $50 on Grip Stands

Avenger’s new Century Stands are not only 10% lighter than their predecessors but have been re-engineered for rugged dependability, safety, and grip-friendly handling.
The Avenger Grip Stand is a best seller. It is a great value compared to it’s competition. The fit and finish are second to none. A durable grip stand that will provide years of use. Grip stands are used to hold almost anything on a film / video production. Unlike many light stands, grip stands are made of steel so the riser tube wont bend when arming or offsetting a flag, microphone boom or light fixture. Great for rigging lights, props, nets / flags, bounce cards, 4×4 frames, butterflies, set pieces and more…
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Times Running Out…Free Shipping on Matthews Grip C-Stand 40″ 756040

Just $164.88 A sliding leg or "stair leg" c-stand makes it easy to set a grip stand on stairs or uneven ground. Keep your stand vertical by simply sliding the one leg that moves to the correct level. Always use … Continue reading

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