How to Buy Gaffers Tape…Does Price Impact Quality?


When Shopping for Gaffers Tape, Not All Gaffers Tape is Created Alike!

At first glance all standard 2" rolls of black gaffers tape may look alike, but not all gaffers tape is created alike.  If you take a closer look and try a few pieces, you will find that price definitely impacts quality.  

We sell a range of quality gaffers tape and all of the tapes we sell are popular. We don't sell the very inexpensive or should we say "cheap" gaffers tape because the savings isn't worth the headaches that comes with it. Quality gaffers tape costs more. Our customers prefer some brands over others, and there is a price range within the quality tape category to choose from. However, it is our experience, that you will use quite a bit less of the good stuff then the cheap stuff, which will equalize the higher expense.  Here's why?

-The cheap tape has a "sticky" residue that will adhere to your cables after you remove the tape…and this residue is very difficult, and time consuming to get off!

-The cheap tape that is wrapped onto cables is tough to get off after the job is over, making the wrap take a lot longer. When you are tired, it just isn't worth it!

-The cheap tape folds over itself, and you need to cut more tape to fix it…so you end of using a lot more of the cheap tape.

There is an expression "pay now or pay later".  The cheap stuff will definitely get the job done for you, but you will pay for the inconvenience of it on the job and while wrapping.  On the other hand, with the more expensive stuff, you'll pay more $$ up front, but it will save you time in the long run, and time is money! The key is to decide what level of quality you can live with! Food for thought!


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