The Easiest Gels To Use With LED Lights!

We've all encountered the problem when trying to use standard lighting gel / filters with LED lighting fixtures…how to adhere them? 

Paper tape…yea that will work, but it's time consuming.  Or you might think about using clothes pins? Nope that won't work as most LED light fixtures don't have Barn Doors. The typical gel frame? That's no good…LED lights don't have them either.  However, many LED lights do have an accessory holder that is very handy if you have one or more of the filters that are sold by the LED manufacturers, such as Lite Panels, but they are pricey and the choices are limited. 

Another excellent, reusable and affordable option is to purchase the semi-rigid gel filters that are made for use with LED's — Lee Zircon or Rosco Opti-Flecs






Both brands are terrific and much more cost effective. They both offer a variety of diffusion, minus green and CTO / amber for balancing LED color.  Custom colors can be ordered as well. These gels last 200X longer because they resist fading (which is common with standard gels), and are they very durable due to their thickness…more than double the thickness of standard gels.  Most importantly, they aren't flimsy and can be easily handled and stored, then reused making your job much easier.

Be ready for your next production…learn more about Lee Zircon and Rosco Opti-Flecs













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